Mad Friday

By Dave Speck

New writing - script development workshop

Mad Friday

By Dave Speck.


The Play:

It's Friday on the last working week before Christmas and the busiest night of the year for drunken crime and disorder. In the city’s CCTV control centre, Lance and Helen - who would rather be anywhere else - have their work cut out for them to monitor the streets and assist the emergency services with anything from stalkers to drunken brawlers, robberies and run-over pets. Among the mayhem of monitoring the streets, they must also entertain Dex, a newspaper reporter, who is with them for the night in order to write a feature article for the local free-sheet. Helen feels like she is anything but in charge of the monitoring centre and struggles to keep her colleague Lance on track. Lance, ex-military, would rather be writing heartfelt ballads for his big dream of winning Britain’s Got Talent whilst down the pub, and spends an inappropriate amount of time spying on his ex-wife’s activities via the city’s cctv.

Script development workshop.

We are looking for three actors to play the characters of Helen, Dex and Lance on Saturday 15th October daytime 10.00am - 1.00pm at the Drayton Arms Theatre.  We are looking for actors who are understand the nature of developing a new script in its early stages and are willing to provide insights into character development and feedback to the writer. The workshop will be directed by Simon Beyer and the writer will be present.

There is a small fee to cover each actor's time for the 1/2 day workshop session.

If you are interested, send a link to your profile (spotlight, mandy, your website, etc) via our contact page, with 'Mad Friday workshop' as the subject heading. Include your contact details so we can get in touch with you.


These descriptions are guides only as we are looking forward to seeing what the workshop brings to the table for developing the characters.

Helen – Emotionally-intelligent and tough skinned manager of the cctv station who wants to make a difference and help people.


Lance - Former military (ex-squaddie) who dreams of being a singer/songwriter. Drinks a lot, rough around the edges.


Dex - Well-schooled, well-spoken and well-dressed, he is an ambitious reporter with expectations of himself going beyond his current status as a local journalist.