Mad Friday

It’s the Friday before Christmas and Lance and Helen are in the control room of the local Council’s CCTV operations, watching the streets devolve into the chaos of drunken revelry on the last Friday before Christmas Day.

Paper Breadcrumbs is leading a one-day script development workshop to support the writer.

Tom Hodgson
Helen Baird
Sam Hocking

Mad Friday written by Dave Speck
workshop directed by Simon Beyer

Ghosts In The Attic

staged reading – Saturday 14th August 2022 7.30pm

Written and Directed by Simon Beyer

When the lives of three women are brought together in the gloom of an attic in an old Victorian house, their journeys of discovery into the stories amongst the bric-a-brac uncover a past of memories and secrets that have remained hidden for decades: stirring up more than just stories about a past best left forgotten.


Kirsty Ferriggi – WENDY

Ella Grace Bamforth – SARAH

Ineke Neeson – ELISA


Carrie-Louise Knight – CLARISSA / MADELEINE


Harry Roebuck – NATHANIEL 

Tales of Gin and Tonic

17th May 2021 / 9th – 11 December 2021

A collection of sardonic, ironic and surrealist short tales that put a lens to society and the human condition.

Translated for the first time into English, Tales of Gin and Tonic will be performed in English and Portuguese, using a mix of physical theatre, story-telling and live music.

Cast: Alex Figueiredo, Holly- Anne Catherine White, Harry Miller, Vasco Rafael

A co-production with Paper Breadcrumbs and AlmaLuso.